CSR at its best

10:33 am, August 9, 2016

Capita plc  has donated the proceeds of its annual golf day to Southmead Project. The business process outsourcing and professional services company are to be wholeheartedly congratulated for clearly recognising and acknowledging the impact     of child abuse by supporting our charity in this way. It’s an example of corporate social responsibility at its very best.

To the people who contact the charity seeking help, the company has sent a very clear   message that they are being heard, believed and supported by a major institution. The value of what this truly means is inestimable.

To the charity,  this lovely gesture is a huge boost to morale with all money raised going to help tackle what is an enormous problem. Such positive action may also have far-reaching and positive ramifications for Southmead Project in encouraging other companies to  demonstrate their CSR in much-needed ways.

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