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The original Wall of Silence was produced by Southmead Project to not only highlight child abuse, its impact and the suffering it causes, but also the sheer determination and doggedness of those affected in trying to overcome the aftermath of that abuse.

Following the success of the original Wall of Silence, Southmead Project has curated The  Secret, Hidden World.  This challenging and inspirational exhibition  has been created by survivors of child abuse to  offer hope to other victims and those that are currently being abused; helping them know that they have a future, they are being heard and there is a way out.

If you would like to hire the Wall of Silence or  The Secret, Hidden World for your venue or event, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

Alternatively,  contact Dr Mike Peirce MBE, CEO Southmead Project on  0117 950 6022 or mikepeirce45@yahoo.co.uk

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"How on earth can I express my gratitude for the gift you have given me? You have given me new wings!"

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Twitter: SouthmeadProj