Annual Report: 2017-2018

Long-term Counselling

Counselling for survivors of abuse

We are a year on from our much-needed overhaul of the therapeutic services and the team have embraced all the changes going on around them. We are happy to say that we have made significant progress with the waiting list and have reduced it from 120 to less than 20 clients. We are aiming to reopen our waiting list next year which will enable us to provide counselling to those who have had the incredible courage to ask for support.

We have expanded our counselling team, taken on paid employees and are committed to taking on volunteers. All counsellors, whether an employee or volunteer, bring a unique set of skills and experience which adds a richness to the counselling work. As always, the charity and excellent service provided would not be possible without our team of committed and dedicated counsellors.

We have also focused on updating our counselling rooms and resources to make them as client friendly as possible, as well as expanding the outcomes data that we collect to gain a broader picture of the impact of our support services.

Senior leadership team