Annual Report: 2017-2018

NEXUS Programme

The Nexus Programme has its roots in the addictions-related work first pioneered in the early formative years of the charity. Those who have experienced child abuse and developed problematic drug or alcohol use as a consequence of that trauma, can access this much-needed intervention.

Networking, building and maintaining close working relationships with other community-based services across Bristol is a necessary and essential element of this work when identifying and engaging hard-to-reach clients. The positive impact Nexus is having on the lives of the many individuals we see is rewarding and hugely encouraging.

Regular monitoring has shown those accessing the programme are better able to manage their addictions in far safer and less harmful ways, understand accompanying post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and associated mental health difficulties. When this level of self-care has been reached, clients can then access our one-to-one counselling service to address underlying trauma.