Annual Report: 2017-2018

Trustee Report

As Chairman of the Trustees I have had the privilege to work with other trustees and especially Mike to help place Southmead Project in a position to enable it to continue its fantastic work. We are now in a position to look forward and ensure the legacy Mike has created develops and has longevity.

Without doubt the last 12 months has seen us take big strides towards this goal. The new Leadership Team has worked extremely hard to ensure we can continue to provide our valued counselling services in the future. In addition, thanks to the diligence and dedication of our counselling team, our waiting list has reduced by more than 80%.

Our governance has developed and it provides a strong base for the future. The additional funding secured over the last year will allow us to plan pre-counselling and post-counselling groups for 2019-20, which are so valued by our service users.

We have also seen two trustees join the Board, bringing further therapeutic and corporate skills to enrich the charity.

We all thank Mike for his unbelievable efforts over the last 25 years and hope to see his
legacy move forward for the next 25 years at least!

Simon Craker
Chairman of Trustees