Southmead Project couldn't do all it does without the help of our supporting partners. They come in all shapes and sizes and help in many different ways, read more about them below...
Avon and Somerset PCC

Provides financial support for counselling services

Awards for All

Provides funding for groupwork programmes

Barclays Bank

Provided both financial and in-kind support

Brewin Dolphin

Provides in-kind and financial support

Bristol City Council

The charity is an approved provider of counselling services for the council


Handles all of the charity’s PR

Business in the Community

Provides in-kind support

Choice Security

Provides both financial and in-kind support

Craker Capital

Corporate Ambassadors

‘I decided to become involved with the Southmead Project principally as a personal decision having met the fantastic staff and on hearing the tremendous difference they make to people’s lives who have been disadvantaged from a young age. I have been very lucky in my life and felt that by becoming involved and utilising my contacts in the corporate world I might assist the charity.

Having run several businesses there is always ‘pressure’ to help charities and of course, many of these do so much good. To me, therefore, to be able to support, as a business, such a worthwhile local charity, means that I have regular involvement and that my staff have the opportunity to become involved as well. I feel that it is more meaningful than supporting a national charity, however worthy their cause may be.’ – Simon Craker: Southmead Project Corporate Ambassador


Provided both financial and in-kind support

The Group of Seven

Provides a complete design and print service for the charity’s annual reports, leaflets and information booklets

Landsdown Place

“When you understand the wonderful work that the Southmead Project undertakes, it is not a hard decision to fully support it. When you understand the financial constraints under which it performs this most necessary work, and the unpaid hard work of its volunteers, you must be compelled to support it. Lansdown Place is a Bristol based business and we and all our staff are most proud to be sponsors of this local charity that helps individuals caught in a terrible cycle of harm, with its aim of eradicating this cycle with intervention and support.” – Directors, Lansdown Place

Kbase Connect

Support the Southmead Project by providing a global communication tool in the form of this website. “Mike and his team provide such an increabile opportunity to everyone in need of assistance, and guide them in breaking the cycle of harm that can so easily continue to destroy lives, generation after generation. Kbase are proud to be able to support them in our own way.” – Mark Evans CEO

Lloyds Bank

Provided both financial and in-kind support

The National Lottery

Has been the charity’s biggest financial supporter for a number of years


Provides banking services for the charity and has also provided in-kind and financial support


Referrer of NHS clients for counselling

Roger Riggs

Provides financial and in-kind support

Wealth West

“When I founded Wealth West it was always with a view to giving back to the local community. I wanted to prove that running a business wasn’t all about how much money you can make but it should also be about making a difference to people’s lives – going out and helping not just clients but also those less fortunate in society.

I came across The Southmead Project at Rotary where Mike Peirce, the CEO of the charity, gave an insightful and moving presentation on the work of The Southmead Project. I was touched by this local charity’s desperate need for funding, and so I decided to introduce a new concept into my firm. We would waive the initial fees that all financial advisers usually charge and instead do all the upfront work for free but invite clients to make a voluntary contribution to the charity instead.

What’s Right

“What’s Right made the decision to help the Southmead Project over 6 years ago because we believe that the concept “prevention is better that cure” is very wise. The people involved in the project are amazingly skilled, friendly, committed, helpful and appreciative of the support we give. This rewards us on so many levels and by forging a close relationship with Southmead Project What’s Right unites business and charity with ethical corporate social responsibility in a very real way.

We absolutely advocate from personal experience that having the counselling tools to deal with trauma is vital if you want to stop the cycle of harm continuing, so much so that one of our trusted partners is now on the Southmead Project charity board and over the years both parties have benefited directly and indirectly from our involvement.

Our continued support is a given whilst there is breath in our bodies.” – John Tiley Director of What’s Right CIC

Read the Annual Report 2018-19 here
"How on earth can I express my gratitude for the gift you have given me? You have given me new wings!"

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Twitter: SouthmeadProj