Wall of Silence

Images, poems and stories from victims and survivors of child abuse.
The exhibition

The original Wall of Silence was produced by Southmead Project to not only highlight child abuse, its impact and the suffering it causes, but also the sheer determination and doggedness of those affected in trying to overcome the aftermath of that abuse. The exhibition launched at Colston Hall in Bristol and was shown at venues across the country, including City Hall London and Avon and Somerset Police HQ.

Following the success of the original Wall of Silence, Southmead Project curated The Secret, Hidden World. This challenging and inspirational exhibition was created by survivors of child abuse to offer hope to other victims and those that are currently being abused; helping them know that they have a future, they are being heard and there is a way out.

Adults used art, sculpture, poetry, paintings and film to express their feelings and help them speak the unspeakable, demonstrating the determination and strength of survivors to bring about change and reclaim their lives.

The exhibition was on display at Colston Hall in Bristol from Monday 9 – Saturday 14 January 2017.

For further information, or if you’d like to host the Wall of Silence, please  contact Dr Mike Peirce MBE, CEO Southmead Project on 0117 950 6022 or mikepeirce45@yahoo.co.uk

Stories from the original Wall of Silence:

“Trauma and abuse gets into the very body, bones and soul of a person and it takes time, patience and work to meet the next level of healing. I feel very strongly about working with the body and the voice particularly because trauma and abuse often silence people, rendering them powerless”

“The fighting between my mother and father had been going on for so long: I became more and more terrified of what was happening and dreaded what each night would bring. At infant school there were little camp beds for children to lie if they felt ill and I regularly asked to be placed in the bed rather than attend lessons: no-one asked me why I went there so often so I kept silent”

“My grandmother used to hold me tightly and whisper things about her not having touched a man since my grandfather had died. She was insistent that I let her masturbate me … it hurt me so much and I was confused and I hated what she was doing: but she was my grandmother and I couldn’t tell anyone”

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"How on earth can I express my gratitude for the gift you have given me? You have given me new wings!"

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